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Consider donating the cost of a ticket to keep the theater open!!




Would you consider donating the cost of a theater ticket to the Sixth Street Theater and Melodrama?

As many of you know, our spring production “Church Basement Ladies” was closed early, and all tickets were refunded.

As of now, the theater plans to have a July and August melodrama, but at a limited capacity.

The theater depends on revenue from all our productions to maintain our theater building and pay ongoing bills such as phone, Internet, utilities, play royalties, taxes, etc.

Would you consider donating at least the cost of the tickets you would normally buy for one or more of our productions to the Sixth Street Theater and Melodrama?  Our regular ticket price is $15.

It is easy.  Just click on the Support button above, click on donation, and fill in your payment information.

Any amount of support would be greatly appreciated.

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